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About Us

FLY Academy is a mission centric organization dedicated to building financial literacy in young, soon to be adults. Our Academy was born our of frustration over lack of basic financial literacy tools and resources for tweens & teens - with a firm belief that Habits - specifically, healthy financial habits developed in your youth is the one of most critical indicators of financial health and success.


We also believe that Financial Literacy should be accessible not only by the privileged few, but must be available for our underserved communities. For every student registered through our program, we offer our program for free to another student in an underserved community. 

Who Are We

Our Academy was founded in Northeast Ohio by a small but close group of frustrated parents, highly skilled in areas of Finance, Accounting, Teaching, Education, Technology & Management with experiences as leaders in multinational & successful start-up  companies. Our annoyance (even anger) stemmed from the lack of quality financial education & resources available for the young, soon to be adult generation that gets thrust into the real world every year. 

Our curriculum developers and educators have a long history as teachers and trainers with deep background in finance and technology with Ph.D & MBA education. We pooled our collective expertise to develop a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive financial curriculum - specifically translating complex concepts into a format which is easy to understand, engaging & more importantly habit-forming for young individuals. 

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that healthy financial habits must be developed early in life and nurtured to pursue an active interest in your financial well-being. Our tested method is designed to transform financial literacy into habit-forming, interest-generating, engagement with financial topics. We achieve this through three tiers of financial development:

  1. Financial Literacy

    • Basic concepts and terminologies around the 5 pillars of financial literacy: Income, ​​​Saving & Investing, Spending, Borrowing & Emergencies

    • Application of the 5 pillars through interactive and engaging case studies 

  2. Financial Proficiency

    • ​Vehicles for investing: Yourself, Stocks/Equity, ETF, Mutual Funds, Bonds etc​

    • Capital & Entrepreneurship. Profit & Loss

    • Understanding your comfort with risk

    • Stock market clubs and competition ​using simulated trading platforms

    • Understanding analyst expectations vs earnings release for Fortune 500 companies. Evaluating future earning potential

  3. Financial Supremacy

    • ​Macro-economic trends, global economic conditions and their local impacts

    • Financial life events: College & tuition (applying a financial lens towards your choices for college education), First job (trade-offs for saving and investing early), First vehicle (insurance / cost of ownership) etc

    • Generating active interest in weekly/monthly/daily financial publications and developing their financial goals and expectations 

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