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Financial Literacy for Youth

Financial Literacy for Youth (FLY) Academy is a mission centric organization dedicated to building financial literacy in our tweens and teens from middle through high school. We firmly believe similar to physical health, financial health is only obtained through sound financial habits that are best developed in your youth.

Our unique curriculum developed by multi-disciplinary experts offers active learning through gamification (physical & virtual tools), workshops & case-study analyses etc to thoroughly engage students, building lifelong curiosity & discipline in financial concepts.

Our Promise: As parents & guardians, you WILL notice your child's approach towards money & financial interest evolve within the 1st month!

Come join our movement to provide the most-critical education your child deserves.

**Click here for our 2023 Summer Camp Workshop


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is rooted in the beliefs that

  1. Healthy financial habits must be developed early in life and nurtured to pursue an active interest in your financial well-being.

  2. Active Learning (as opposed to passive-listening) utilizing interactive tools, work-shops etc engages students in ways that  build financial curiosity, discipline & fiscal responsibility.

We apply this through 3 tiers of financial development:

Financial Literacy

Curiosity development through collective learning of foundational concepts and terminologies around the 5 pillars of financial literacy

Financial Proficiency

​Application oriented through gamification & interactive tools to understand financial management vehicles:

  • Stocks/Equity, ETF, Bonds etc)

  • Capital & successful entrepreneurship

  • Stock market clubs, simulated trading platforms

Financial Supremacy

Focus on discipline & habit-forming through ongoing interest in current events, economic analyses (macro, global, local). Understanding risk tolerance, trade-offs and application to personal financial life events like: 

  • College & tuition (applying a financial lens towards your choices for college education),

  • First job (trade-offs, saving - spending - investing)

  • First 'big' purchase


What We Offer

  • Weekly in-person classes in Summit County, OH

  • Comprehensive financial literacy curriculum developed by teachers, educators and a highly capable team with Ph.D & MBA backgrounds

  •  Proven method (Active Learning Platform) with a combination of physical & virtual programs that are Inspiring, Engaging & Fun


  • Registration fee of $20 is waived for a limited time

  • Monthly fee: $89 per student. Cancel anytime

  • In-person hourly workshops, activities & invited lectures offered weekly

  • Western Reserve Academy, Hudson, OH*

  • 2023 program starting Jun 10, 2023


Some of our resources include


"My son knows more about personal finance and the stock market than I do. Wish I had similar educational programs when I was in school"


"Our daughter is beginning to question the rationale behind our financial choices and has taken a keen interest in understanding and developing our monthly budget"


"5/5 stars! This should not be called financial literacy program. This is 'adulting' program for our kids"


"By far the best after-school program for both our kids. The focus on financial discipline has become contagious for our entire family"


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